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NetSpot COWVEM is a Coin Operated Wi-Fi Vending Machine that brings a brand-new Unlimited High-speed broadband internet selling business into the Ghanaian market. It provides visitors with an immediate Wi-Fi Internet hotspot service charged by time.


The COWVEM 2.0 stands at 5ft high and 2ft wide. The tapping area from the ground up is 3.5ft in height and weighs only 45 kgs.

How It Works


The user taps phone on the “Tap Here” inscription on the machine.


User is instructed to turn Wi-Fi on and insert an acceptable coin (at a price and time set by the COWVEM`s owner (Operator) and displayed on the device.)


User inserts acceptable coin for the browsing time required (for instance: Ghs 1.00 for 1 hour)


The user’s device is connected immediately for the period of time purchased. The whole process takes maximum of 15 seconds.

For a laptop, desktop personal computer or any other Wi-Fi-enabled device that cannot be easily tapped on the machine, a voucher code can be generated by which the user logs to a simple page to apply code then gets connected.


The NetSpot COWVEM 2.0 boasts of incredible Artificial Intelligence and astounding design and engineering features

A few are listed below
  • Plug-And-Play and no complicated technical installation required

  • Strong metallic casing to protect internal components and safeguard stored coins

  • Sleek design and artistic build

  • Coin-operated; no passwords and usernames required

  • Quick service; dispenses internet within a few seconds

  • AI-driven local coin learning and identification ability

  • AI-driven coin passage, validation, acceptance and rejection ability

  • Refund area to return unused or out-of-service coins

  • Large coin area to store up to Ghs 5,000 worth of Ghs 0.50 coins*

  • High-speed radio, broadband and satellite internet; bandwidth reaching 100mbps

  • Voucher time code feature for laptops and desktop computers

Power Supply

The default version of the machine, COWVEM 2.0 is powered by electricity. The machine is a superpower saver with power input being 100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz and power output being: 12~24VDC, 0.8A. Designed with the Ghanaian electricity cost in mind, the power consumption is not more than 8 watts with inbuilt power surge protection.

COWVEM 3.0: the Solar Powered Version

NetSpot COWVEM can be powered by solar energy to work in very remote areas where there is no conventional electricity. Due to the low power consumption of the COWVEM itself, we can provide a solar version, COWVEM 3.0 and this comes at a different price than the version 2.0

Available On Build-To-Order Basis Only!

GH₵ 18,450.00

NetSpot SBI is a game changing technology that enables and delivers super high-speed bi-directional broadband internet connection to consumers made via geostationary communications satellites instead of a telephone landline or other terrestrial means.

Greenhills Limited partners with YahClick’s local service partners. YahClick, powered by Hughes, is the high performance satellite broadband services by Al Yah Satellite Communication Company (Yahsat), a private joint stock company fully owned by Mubadala, the investment arm of the government of Abu Dhabi.

Why Satellite Technology?

Extensive Reach

Our SBI is the most extensive internet infrastructure there is. It can be deployed almost anywhere. This authoritatively gives NetSpot COWVEMs a nationwide coverage. From the big bustling cities to the remotest of remote places in the country, even in areas where DSL and cable access is not available.

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Deployed over VSAT (very small aperture terminal) technology, our SBI offers a remote Internet alternative to copper and fibre solutions for connectivity. With global coverage through a network of satellites, you’ll have uninterrupted connectivity anywhere in the Country.


One of the major perks of our satellite technology is the fact that it’s cost-effective. You can affordably achieve adequate coverage of large areas using VSAT technology.
As in any technology solution, the cost related to Satellite internet comes in two main categories, the installation cost, and the operation/running cost. Our SBI technology advancement and the use of the Ka-band makes the service more cost-effective for business, by reducing the cost of the equipment used, as well as the monthly service charges, which allows for a quick return on investment.

Easy to Install

Our SBI technology is very easy to install. All that is needed to get connected to satellite internet is the Dish, Modem and a Power Supply. By eliminating the need to lay down kilometres of cables, Satellite Internet cuts down the installation wait-time from weeks or months (or even years in some cases). We provide nationwide installation within 5 days by well trained and experienced personnel. Standard typical installation time = 2 – 3 hours (while supplies of satellite internet equipment are in stock).




Phone Charging Box

We have developed a Phone charging system which is also coin-operated, time-based and can be attached to the original machine to generate additional income for the Operating Partner. This part can be ordered by contacting our sales team on 0247120224

Indoor Access Points (APs)

These indoor access points are required when an entire building or complex is to be wired up for Wi-Fi internet access. The number of APs required shall depend on the range requirements and other environmental factors.

Outdoor Ordinary Waterproof Access points (OWAPs)

OWAPs are required when installation requires open areas or connecting two or more buildings/apartment complex to be wired up for Wi-Fi internet access. The number of APs required shall depend on the range requirements and other environmental factors.

Outdoor 2.4GHz Waterproof Access points (2GAPs)

2GAPs are much more powerful. They need to also be powered separately but connected to the COWVEM, provide much better and dynamic performance in wireless data transfer, stability and overall wireless signal coverage and are required when range expansion is intended for a large area like that of four soccer fields, two 2GAPs, for example, can provide stronger connections and top speeds to a size of an entire beach area. DBAPs only work with COWVEM 2.2 that supports up to 500 concurrent users.

Outdoor Dual-Band Waterproof Access Points (DBAPs)

DBAPs, powered separately but connected to the COWVEM, provide better performance in wireless data transfer, stability and overall wireless signal coverage and are required when range expansion is intended for a large area like that of two soccer fields. DBAPs only work with COWVEM 2.1 that supports up to 250 concurrent users