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NetSpot As An Asset


Joint Partnership Explained

In its simplest form, your income statement (your financial report card) can be divided into two categories: assets and liabilities. Assets are the items you own that can provide future economic benefits. Assets provide you with streams of unending income. In other words, they are anything that puts money in your pocket. Liabilities, however, are what you owe to other parties. They drain you into poverty no matter your big capital or wealth is. In short, assets put money in your pocket, and liabilities take money out! NetSpot is an asset.


Internet as Asset or Liability

Many internet users today see internet data as a liability since they see themselves always paying for it and not being paid from it. A very good question then pops up; who then do internet data make rich? Whose pockets are being filled with over 600 Billion Dollars annually (according to

Internet stands to benefit only companies and their owners that provide it.

Since internet users are consumers in the ecosystem, users are the buyers or payers for the services provided them while internet providers are sellers or receivers (they make money from users).  Internet then becomes a liability to users on their financial report cards. Many do not even realize how much they spend on internet data weekly, monthly, and annually. And at long last balloons their liability, thereby making them poorer.


NetSpot is a Ghanaian Internet Company that provides the cheapest, most reliable, and fastest internet services to the Ghanaian internet market through its recently introduced world-class technology; an artificial-intelligence powered internet device, the Coin Operated Wi-Fi Vending Machine (COWVEM). This machine does not only provide cheap, fast, reliable, and extensive internet data but has modeled an awesome opportunity (NetSpot Joint Partnership Program) for every Ghanaian to also earn steady and scalable income from internet usage. Partners who were active internet usage by constantly and expensively paying for its use now become passive and monthly residual income earners.


NetSpot Joint Partnership (NJP) Program

This program in simple words allows anyone to partner with the company on five (5) partnership packages starting from just Ghs 375.00. The company builds the Wi-Fi vending machines and installs them at carefully researched and lucrative vantage points across the country for commercial use. The huge revenues realized from these operational machines are then shared with partners in the NJP pool.

And that’s not all!

Partners also get the opportunity to refer other partners into the program to receive big referral bonuses in cash as well as exciting and attractive rewards ranging from the latest smartphones, smart TVs, cash prizes, and 4*4 luxury vehicles

NetSpot is making internet usage in Ghana and Africa as a whole an Asset (valuable Cash Flow) and not a liability (cash burn). Partners have a pool of revenue to enjoy monthly payments and other rewarding partnership experiences from the Company. NetSpot Joint Partnership Program makes your assets outweigh your liabilities and building stronger financial health and freedom for all.


Data Is Air! Data Is Life, Invest In Data!

With NetSpot, Internet Data Becomes Cash Flow And Your Financial Security.


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By: Maxwell Owusu, Head of Business Development at NetSpot Ghana.