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Introducing The NetSpot COWVEM



Introducing The NetSpot COWVEM

What is NetSpot COWVEM?

First of its kind in Ghana, NetSpot COWVEM 2.0 is a plug-&-play and ready to install Coin Operated Wi-Fi internet data vending machine that brings a brand-new unlimited high-speed broadband internet vending business into the Ghanaian market. It provides users with an immediate Wi-Fi Internet hotspot service charged by time.


Who built NetSpot COWVEM and where?

NetSpot COWVEM 2.0 is built by Greenhills Limited; a Ghanaian wholly owned Technology company founded in 2018. The company is focused on building world-class online and internet-based tech solutions in Ghana. The machine is designed and built from the ground up at Greenhills operational center in Kumasi – Ghana. Some components, however, are sourced from Japan and China for production because of quality, availability, and price. Greenhills has laid out a 5-year plan to produce the machine autonomously in Ghana using materials and components available in the country. This will ensure that the technology stays in Ghana and lots of jobs created for that matter

What is the technology that drives NetSpot COWVEM?

After nearly 3 years of planning, engineering, designing, and production, the NetSpot COWVEM 2.0 has been crafted together into a unique product to leverage various technologies that serve and exceed its purpose. With a strong yet sleek body build, the machine is made to withstand tougher external conditions such as environmental pressures and high temperatures. The Artificial Intelligence driven coin learning and passage technology was painstakingly built to prevent the use of fake coins or coin-shaped foreign materials to access the network. The intelligent tapping area smartly recognizes the presence of a Wi-Fi-enabled smart device and only gives access to the internet ONLY when a coin has been verified and accepted.

Who can use NetSpot COWVEM and how?

Anyone with an internet-enabled device (such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop pcs, internet-enabled TVs, PSP, PDA, etc.) can use NetSpot COWVEM to get high-speed broadband internet. To use the COWVEM, a user first makes sure the Wi-Fi on the intended device is first switched off, the user then taps the device on the tapping area, switches on the device’s Wi-Fi and almost immediately see the “NetSpot Wi-Fi” displayed as the SSID name on the device, the user then connects to the NetSpot Wi-Fi SSID name displayed and is prompted on the machine’s LCD screen to insert coin (s). When the coin is inserted, verified, and accepted, the allotted time is shown per price and accepted coins’ information that is already be displayed on the front body part of the machine. The whole process from tapping, inserting the coins, and getting access to the Wi-Fi internet take place in less than one minute.

However, if for any reason the machine cannot dispense the Wi-Fi internet or non-acceptable coins are inserted, there is an intelligent coin rejection feature that returns the rejected coins to the user via a refund coin opening at the front of the machine. The user can collect back the coins without a possible loss of money.

What is special about NetSpot COWVEM?

The NetSpot COWVEM 2.0 boosts of incredible Artificial Intelligence and astounding design and engineering features. A few are listed below;

  • Plug-And-Play and no complicated technical installation required
  • Strong metallic casing to protect internal components and safeguard stored coins
  • Sleek design and artistic build
  • Coin-operated; no passwords, usernames required
  • Quick service; dispenses internet within a few seconds
  • AI-driven local coin learning and identification ability
  • AI-driven coin passage, validation, acceptance and rejection ability
  • Refund area to return unused or out-of-service coins
  • Large coin area to store up to Ghs 5,000 worth of coins*
  • High-speed satellite broadband  internet; speeds reaching up to 100mbps
  • Voucher time code feature for laptops and desktop computers


How secure is the NetSpot COWVEM network?

Due to the intelligent coin passage, tapping, and internet dispensing features, it is highly impossible for squatters to hack, steal, or monitor the internet data traffic or users of the NetSpot COWVEM.

How is power supplied to NetSpot COWVEM?


Even though the default version of the machine COWVEM 2.0 is powered by electricity, the machine is a superpower saver with power input being 100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, and power output being: 12~24V DC, 0.8A). Designed with the Ghanaian electricity cost in mind, the power consumption is not more than 20 watts per hour with inbuilt power surge protection.

Solar Power


NetSpot COWVEM can be powered by solar energy to work in very remote areas where there is no conventional electricity. Due to the low power consumption of the COWVEM itself, we are able to provide a solar version, COWVEM 3.1 at a slightly added cost.


How is internet Data supplied to NetSpot COWVEM?

NetSpot COWVEM operates on Satellite Broadband Internet – SBI which is a game-changing technology that enables and delivers super high-speed bi-directional broadband internet connection to consumers made via geostationary communications satellites instead of a telephone landline or other terrestrial means.

NetSpot SBI

NetSpot SBI

Greenhills Limited partners with YahClick’s local service partners. YahClick, powered by Hughes, is the high-performance satellite broadband services by Al Yah Satellite Communication Company (Yahsat), a private joint-stock company fully owned by Mubadala, the investment arm of the government of Abu Dhabi.


Dimensions of the COWVEM.

Who manages NetSpot network?

NetSpot COWVEMs are remotely managed by Greenhill Limited`s Network Management Centre (NMC) which has a dedicated 24/7 robust technical support line to assist Operating Partners within minutes, should they encounter a technical problem with the NetSpot COWVEM.

The NMC can also be called to perform certain configurations on a COWVEM such as change of pricing/time, pausing/resuming of service after the Operating Partner passes authentication or verification process to prevent unauthorised control.

When an Operating Partner wants to sell time based voucher codes for laptop and desktop computer users, the NMC is called to issue the voucher codes.

Operating Partners who employ others to manage the COWVEM can also request revenue (coin collection) records as well as other statistics regarding the usage of the COWVEM

What is the range of NetSpot COWVEM?

The default COWVEM 2.0 has a Wi-Fi signal range of radius 100 meters for outdoor usage and radius 30 meters for indoor usage and supports a minimum of 50 and maximum of 100 concurrent users. Signal range and number of maximum concurrent users depend on the bandwidth and speed of the network.

An operating partner can contact Greenhills Limited if he/she wishes to extend the signal range the stated default range, whether it is to supply Wi-Fi internet to an entire storey building or even an entire neighbourhood, Greenhills Limited`s networking technicians shall pay a visit to and examine the environment, then recommend the appropriate Access Points and other peripheral installation at a small added cost.

If an Operating Partner wishes to serve more than 100 concurrent users, a higher end version, i.e. the NetSpot COWVEM 2.1 which supports up to 250 concurrent users and the NetSpot COWVEM 2.2 which also supports up to 500 concurrent users can be ordered.

Which parts of the country does NetSpot COWVEM cover?

Our leverage on satellite internet technology allows the machines to be installed at any part of the country. Whether, in large cities or remote villages. We are able to provide high-speed internet to any part of the country with NetSpot COWVEM


What other parts can be attached to the COWVEM and their function?


  • Coin Operated Cell Phone Charging System
Phone charging box

Phone charging box

We have developed a Phone charging system which is also coin operated, time based and can be attached to the original machine to generate additional income for the Operating Partner. This part can be ordered by contacting our sales team via our website

  • Indoor Access Points (APs)
Indoor Access Point

Indoor Access Point

These indoor access points are required when an entire building or complex is to be wired up for Wi-Fi internet access. The number of APs required shall depend on the range requirements and other environmental factors.

  • Outdoor Ordinary Waterproof Access Points (OWAPs)
Outdoor Ordinary Waterproof Access points (OWAPs)

Outdoor Ordinary Waterproof Access points (OWAPs)

OWAPs are required when installation requires open areas or connecting two or more buildings/apartment complex to be wired up for Wi-Fi internet acess. The number of APs required shall depend on the range requirements and other environmental factors.


  • Outdoor 2.4GHz Waterproof Access Points (2GAPs)
Outdoor 2.4GHz Waterproof Access points (2GAPs)

Outdoor 2.4GHz Waterproof Access points (2GAPs)

2GAPs are much more powerful. They need to also be powered separately but connected to the COWVEM, provide much better and dynamic performance in wireless data transfer, stability and overall wireless signal coverage and are required when range expansion is intended for large area like that two soccer fields, two 2GAPs for example can provide stronger connections and top speeds to a size of an entire beach area. GAPs only work with COWVEM 2.2 that supports up to 500 concurrent users


Are there any other versions of NetSpot COWVEM?

Besides the flagship machine, thus the COWVEM 2.0 other versions available are

  • COWVEM 2.1 is the version that can support up to 250 concurrent users
  • COWVEM 2.2 is the version that can support up to 500 concurrent users
  • COWVEM 3.1 is the Solar Powered Version


What other products are currently being developed by Greenhills?

With 60% of our staff working in Research and Development (R&D), We remain at the forefront of emerging technologies and stay committed to innovating, developing new products and supporting our partners in the development and delivery of partner-cantered programs, products, and solutions.

We are currently working on the following innovations;


  • Banknote Operated Wi-Fi Vending Machine (BOWVEM)
  • User & Operator Apps
  • A ground breaking technology that can be used on smartphones to deliver cheaper, faster, and much more reliable internet data than any single mobile internet provider.


Contact NetSpot Sales Center On 0247120224 Today To Make A Purchase