Hottest New Business Opportunity in Ghana 2020

Looking for that perfect small business opportunity with low entry cost, very low risk, and an impressive return on investment?

Seems like COVID19 has badly affected almost every business in the country and these days when you look around, all the good ideas have been taken, hot existing opportunities have been over saturated and profits are not that encouraging, there is nothing left for you to do but stay stuck in your dead-end job, right?


Within the past few years, quite a number of small legal business opportunities have sprung up in the country. Ranging from Network Marketing Schemes to selling on social media to driving or owning an Uber car.
Whiles some of these opportunities have been very lucrative from their onset, most of them tend to not live up to their overhyped trend.
You’d struggle to organize money, either from your savings, from family or even take out loans to start these businesses only to find out that they aren’t that hot as you were made to believe.
If you’ve experienced any of the above or even want to avoid them in the first place, there is a way out.
A better, solid alternative.

The Opportunity

Introducing; NetSpot Wi-Fi Business.

As you may already know, about 78% of Ghanaian internet users access the internet through their handheld devices, specifically mobile phones. It is obvious that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) haven’t done a good job of making their services affordable, reliable, or offer extensive coverage. Some of them offer confusing data bundles that would leave you feeling cheated.
A new business opportunity has come up lately and is gaining much popularity and patronage.



NetSpot Wi-Fi

NetSpot allows you to own an artificially intelligent machine (COWVEM 2.0), place it at a vantage point where you anticipate a need for constant use of mobile internet. (Sports Betting Centers, Student Hostels, Campuses, Bus Stations, Shopping Centers, etc.)
Customers, mostly mobile users just need to tap their phone on the machine, insert coins and almost instantly get unlimited super high-speed internet for an assigned time. (Much like the old internet cafe style).

Laptops, desktop computers, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices that cannot be easily tapped on the machine are not left out. They simply buy a generated voucher time codes, apply and get instant super high-speed internet connection powered by NetSpot’s Satellite Broadband Internet (SBI).

NetSpot allows you to set your own cheap rates for connection time starting from 50 pesewas per hour. For instance, you can set Ghs 1 for 1hr of unlimited super high-speed internet and host about 20 users or more on the machine.

Depending on the version of the machine installed, Monthly Package you are on and where you place the machine, you can be making anywhere between Ghs 150 to a whopping Ghs 500 per day.

Yes, Daily!!

Here’s an analysis of Return On Investment of one installed machine.


  • Monthly Revenue* is based on a minimal stipulation and current usage data of Ghs 1.00 per hour Wi-Fi price and Machine operating for only 12 hours a day (You can set your own prices per hour and the machine can efficiently run for 24hrs, 7 days a week)
  • Maximum Concurrent Users* is the maximum number of people/devices using the machine at any point in time.


  • Fixed Monthly Service Charge (Tax Inclusive) includes the following;
  • 24/7 unlimited super high-speed satellite broadband internet based on capacity.
  • Machine (coin/voucher) revenue data available upon request.
  • Unlimited voucher code generation request for laptop & desktop computer users
  • Troubleshooting, bug fixing, software & firmware updates, technical repairs & parts replacement for the lifetime of the machine.
  • 24/7 world-class dedicated phone-based technical & customer support.



The NetSpot Wi-Fi machine is the new trend at the moment and is offered by Greenhills Limited; A Ghanaian wholly-owned technology company.
For a price of Ghs 12,000.00 which is much lower than the cost of running a taxi, Uber or even setting up a provisions retail shop;


You can own one and become your own boss running a high tech internet business and make anywhere between Ghs 1,200.00 and Ghs 2,800.00 per week with the machines. The company also has flexible payment terms to suit your needs.

NetSpot Joint Partner Opportunity

NetSpot Joint Partnership (NJP) program allows anyone interested in joining the NetSpot Business Opportunity to be a partner for as low as GHS 375.00 for a portion monthly revenues of the NetSpot COWVEM devices in the (NJPP) Machine pool to be installed and commissioned into service at carefully mapped out vantage points across the country. We currently offer 5 Partnership Packages and each entitles a Partner to a portion of predetermined monthly machine revenues for any number of Partners in the joint partnership machine pool.

Contact Our Sales Team On 0247120224 For  Inquiries.