Who We Are

GreenHills Limited

We are a Ghanaian wholly owned Technology, Innovation, and Consulting company founded in 2018. The company is focused on using Artificial Intelligence (IA) to build world-class online and internet-based technology solutions in Africa.

Our strong, knowledgeable, and relentless leadership has a combined experience spanning over three decades in Information Technology, Corporate Governance, Sales & Marketing, and Business Strategy. This leadership ensures, proactive problem solving, continuous learning, and improvement in all team members.

With 60% of our staff working in Research and Development (R&D), We remain at the forefront of emerging technologies and stay committed to innovating, developing new products and supporting our partners in the development and delivery of partner-centered programs, products, and solutions.


Our Mission

To encourage and empower determined and passionate individuals to take advantage of our technologies in building highly successful self-employment opportunities that will significantly change their lives and the lives of people they are connected to.

Our Vission

As an AI-based technology firm, we aim to be the leader in providing world-class smart internet-based technologies to the African market and a significant player in the industry globally.

Our Values

  • Our values are based on an uncompromising commitment to quality and integrity.

  • We provide only the highest quality world-class smart internet-based technologies.

  • Our success is dependent upon effective, simplified, and transparent partnering.

  • We believe in the positive impact of self-employment, independence, and entrepreneurship and strive to make available good opportunities to as many people as possible.

  • We recognize, celebrate, and reward the successes and achievements of our Partners.

  • We value long-term mutually beneficial partnerships, as opposed to short term schemes.


NetSpot COWVEM 2.0

NetSpot COWVEM 2.0 was designed and built in Ghana and is solely and exclusively marketed/distributed through Greenhills Limited’s trusted partners known as Accredited Sales Partners (ASRs). Greenhills, however, provides data and maintenance services for the machine under a monthly service charge. We have a version of the COWVEM that leverages on satellite internet to connect to the remotest of places throughout Ghana. Whichever part of the country you are, we offer you the possibility of connecting to the world. Hotels, restaurants, and other big players of the hospitality industry in Ghana rely on our machines to provide reliable, secured, and ultra-fast internet access to their deserving clients.
Campuses around the country are also jumping on the wagon. Every student in tertiary institution deserve a faster, cheaper, and reliable internet access around the clock, and our revolutionary technology is second to none for this purpose.
We also offer a business opportunity for anyone ready to own the device. The machine can be installed manned or unmanned depending on the location which offers a low point of entry for anyone who wants to build an extra high-income source.